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"A successful life is not completely balanced. The great people push hard, they do interesting and unusual things. They follow their passion, they get excited. The term “balance” seems to me to be an industrial era term."


Eric Schmidt


Monaco Gran Prix 1935

"Online advertising will continuously decline in effectiveness going into the future, to the extent that it makes existing models unsustainable."

- The Theory of Peak Advertising

"Everything is subject to being organised or distilled or analysed, assessed and presented by Google’s algorithms. It became the operating system of the web, then of our mobile devices; now it would like to be the operating system of your eyeglasses and your automobile. It has a prediction it wants to fulfil: that data will flow through everything, your re frigerator, your clothing, every aspect of human interaction. And if everything’s quantifiable and traceable, Google wants to be the company that monetises that. It’s an immodest vision – but nobody every accused Google of modesty."


Siva Vaidhyanathan

The Guardian - How Google wants to control our lives